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Cydia, what is it? How does it works?

After the recent announcement that shocked the Jailbreak scene this week from Saurik, (creator of Cydia, the application that makes the iOS operating system open source!), we wanted to introduce the Cydia App to newcomers in this Jailbreak scene!

It was in 2008, only a few months after the release of the first iOS devices, that the jailbreak occurred. Also called unlocking, this practice removes Apple’s restrictions on its iOS devices and gives it full control over all the hardware and software features they offer. To take advantage of it, however, you need a mysterious application, called Cydia! What is this application? How does the system work?

Cydia: the alter ego of Apple’s App Store for jailbroken iOS devices

Created and managed by Saurik’s company (Jay Ryan Freeman), Cydia is an unofficial application that aims to be an alternative to the Apple App Store. This latest list in the form of packages called “tweaks,” all apps not certified by Apple, and even more.

It allows, among other things, to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by unlocking devices under iOS. Users then have the option:

• Download and use new iOS applications that are not available in the official App Store;
• Add system functions to your unlocked device running under iOS.
• Cydia allows you to infinitely customize your new unlocked device beyond what is ordinarily possible on a conventional iOS device.

What is Cydia’s operating principle?

Cupertino is renowned for the security and protection it provides to your computers. For an application to be used with an iOS device, Apple must test and approve it, which makes it available on its App Store.

However, when Apple rejects the application, the author can make it available in royalty-free, online sources. These sources are linked to the Cydia application, which gives access to all available settings through its easy-to-use interface. As in the official App Store, these can be free or paid. The settings are ready to be downloaded and installed on the jailbroken device running under iOS, for the pleasure of your users.

How to get Cydia on your iOS device and enjoy its features?

Cydia is unavailable on the Apple App Store, the official website of its creator or a third party site. As mentioned above, the only way to get the application is to unlock the device under iOS. It is done by the user, thanks to dedicated apps.

Once the device is unlocked, the Cydia application appears on the springboard between the apps available on the device. Once in the user interface, you will have access to all the settings available in the different sources related to the application, and you will be able to install them by following the instructions given. Note that some settings have dependencies and therefore need other system settings to work. However, everything you need is available within the Cydia application.

More on Cydia in this video:

5 Best Apps You Can Get Right Now

2018 seems like it’s going to be the year of amazing apps, for both Apple and Android systems. From ridiculous games, picture filters, and all-around helpful apps, the amount of applications out there for you to choose from is immense. Through lots of trial and error, we’ve compiled a list of the coolest and most useful apps on the market right now to help you choose.

  1. Firefox Focus- It has the same searching power as the original Firefox, but with some really cool new features. For one, it doesn’t track your browsing history. There’s no need for “incognito” mode anymore because it simply won’t track anything you search. Then, it removes the ads from most web pages so that they load faster. It even manages to get around article limits and paywalls, so you can read as much as you want from each outlet. Plus, the design is super sleek and modern in appearance. Functionality plus aesthetic equals a great app in our book!
  2. Fitbit- You don’t need a separate attachment in the form of a watch to use Fitbit and enjoy its benefits. If you have an updated Smartphone, you’re good to go! Start tracking your activity, your sleep, and recording your diet. It’s the most precise and accurate fitness tracker on the market right now, helping millions to get healthy. Plus, it’s free.
  3. Bandcamp- The app version for this music promotion company is the leading music streaming service for people who want to know the next big act before anyone else. Bandcamp allows you to explore and stream music from unsigned, indie artists and bands, as well as popular mainstream music. It’s a place to listen to the songs you already know and love, as well as up and comers that might not show up in your other streaming service search engines. You can support them by streaming their songs and purchasing their merchandise (also through the app).
  4. Stitcher- If you’re a podcast listener, then you have probably already heard of Stitcher. It’s your one-stop shop for almost every podcast on the market. It’s completely free, and the selection is huge. The categories range from True Crime and Horror, Business, Politics, Comedy, and many more. There is something for everyone. They recently updated the appearance to be much more user-friendly and appealing to look at.
  5. Doodle- The answer to every work team that has ever been unable to agree on a date for a meeting. Doodle is a helpful scheduling app that allows you to input your schedule, as well as times you are free. The team leader can look at everyone’s schedules and choose an appropriate date and time. It’s proven to be incredibly user-friendly and easy to understand.

Finding apps that will entertain and help you succeed in life can be a challenge with all the options out there. We hope that our list can shed some light on apps you are missing and desperately need. Did we miss an app that deserves to be on this list? Let us know in the comments!