cannabinoids and vaping

Hemp is a plant native to Asia whose dried flowers, called marijuana or cannabis, are consumed for their chemical compounds. There are many subspecies (Chenevis, Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis) and varieties of cannabis: Skunk, Purple Bud, White Widow, Amnesia Haze… The composition and percentage of cannabinoid, i.e. active substance, of a weed head depends on the genetics of the plant and the production process.

The different cannabinoids

There are many cannabinoids, whether they are of plant origin, endogenous, or synthetic. There are nearly 60 different cannabinoids with their own actions and virtues. Here are the main ones:

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, also called THC, is the main compound present in cannabis. It allows to stimulate the anandamide, a receptor present in the brain.
Cannabinoid (CBD) is one of the most abundant components in marijuana. These active ingredients are less pronounced than THC. To learn more about CBD, click here.
Cannabinol (CBN)
Cannabigerol (CBG)
Cannabichromene (CBC)
Cannabicyclol (CBL)
Cannabivarol (CBV)
Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV)
The cannabidivarin (CBDV)
The cannabichromevarine (CBCV)
The cannabigerovarin (CBGV)
Cannabigerol (CBGM)

The different types of marijuana available

Marijuana can be consumed in many different forms depending on your cravings. The most common is to chop up the cannabis bud so that only chips remain. This mixture is usually mixed with tobacco and then smoked with a joint or pipe. However, there are other cannabis concentrates that use solvent or solventless extraction methods:

  • Cannabis oils can be made up by extraction with butane, carbon dioxide (CO2) or with isopropyl alcohol.
    BHO – Butane Hash Oil – is a concentrate obtained by dissolving the plant in butane. BHO is liquid and usually has a very high THC level.
  • Cannabis wax, also called Wax, is produced by mixing solvent with herbs. After an extraction phase favoured by a heating at low temperature, it is important to mix with energy the product to obtain the wax.
  • Budder is a cannabis wax that is easier to handle. Unlike wax, this substance contains more moisture.
  • Shatter is a word meaning “to break”, “to shatter”. It is a cannabis extract that looks like glass. It is one of the purest THC concentrates.
  • The pollen of cannabis is recovered by a system of sieve which makes it possible to keep only the trichromes or is the active principles.
  • Hashish is cannabis that has been compressed to be more compact and condensed. There are different ways to make hashish.
  • The hashish with water, Bubble Hash, is a concentrate which requires an extraction with cold water, even frozen. Bubble Hash is very rich in THC.

Cannabinoids and vaporizer

To guarantee a maximum of aromas and a generous taste during your consumption of cannabis, the use of a herb vaporizer is advised. However, the quality of the vapor can vary depending on 4 factors:

The amount of weed installed in the filling chamber and . The bowls can contain from 0.2 to 1 gram depending on the model.
The concentration of cannabinoids present in your dry herbs or in your concentrates. It is about the percentage in active principle type THC or CBD.
The heat system used. Thus the radiation and the convection are more appropriate than the heating by thermal conduction for the extraction of the elements of your plants.
The temperature of the heating. It is a question of supporting the evaporation of the flavours and the chemical compounds of the weed without entering in combustion.

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