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Since the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in several American states, many people have been rubbing their hands. The latest company to date, CannaKorp, which intends to launch a product really like no other.

You all see how a coffee machine with Nespresso capsules works? Well, CannaKorp wants to do the same thing with its CannaCloud vaporizer, but with cannabis.

According to this website Les Meilleurs Vaporisateurs Cannabis – Comparatifs, Avis – Canna Vapos, the company claims in its official speech that this product is intended “for medical purposes.” But with the new recreational cannabis market in the United States, there is no doubt that CannaKorp plans to offer this product in states where recreational cannabis is now allowed. Regarding the marketing of CannaCloud, it would be planned for early 2017.

Cannabis is good for your health.

CannaKorp vape
CannaKorp vape

Cannabis is good for your health! Scientific studies prove this in many ways. But, let us remain humble, we do not yet know everything about the beneficial effects of cannabis.
The most popular way of using cannabis is by inhaling smoke from a joint usually made of tobacco and grass. Smoking gaskets cause the absorption of carbon dioxide due to the combustion of the material. This gas is harmful to lung health – although one study concluded that tobacco smokers should also smoke cannabis to avoid the worst. Joint smoke contains carcinogenic elements with adverse effects on the bronchi and lungs. It can clog or irritate the airways. And persisting in this mode of administration will not help the situation.

The vaporizer, the best way to smoke cannabis

A vaporizer does not produce smoke and therefore does not emit carbon dioxide. The grass placed in the vapor is free of all its moisture. The dehydration of the product creates vapor. It is this vapor that is inhaled. Vaporizing makes it possible to consume all the cannabinoids present in cannabis. But that’s not all: the chemicals are eliminated. It is not only and necessarily about those who are present in the grass – if it is not grown organically.

The air, especially in homes, is loaded with exotic particles. The smoke from a wood fire is also loaded with dioxide.

Cannabinoid combustion at an ideal temperature

herb is the healing of a nationBy smoking a joint, the psychoactive and medicinal elements of cannabis are burned at 400°C. This temperature is far too high to take advantage of the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Therapeutic needs vary depending on the patient. Also, to benefit from all the medicinal advantages of marijuana, a vaporizer is an ideal tool to choose the cannabinoid(s) necessary to the needs of the patient.

THC, CBD, and CBN do not all evaporate at the same temperature. The vaporizer is used to adjust the vaporization temperature. Thus, the cannabinoids to be used are correctly targeted.
If the ideal temperature had to be averaged, it would be between 180 and 200°C. We are very far from 400°C of the joint.

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