Nokia 9 Pureview

The new Nokia 9 Pureview from HMD Global promises improved image quality with its five main cameras. We’ve checked it out thanks to our tech partners and would like to report on it.

With the Nokia 9 HMD Global has relaunched the Pureview series. The smartphone has a total of five cameras and a ToF sensor. Two of the cameras take color pictures, the other three black-and-white photos.

All camera sensors have the same resolution of 12 megapixels and the same viewing angle. Unlike many of its competitors, HMD Global does not use a telephoto or super wide-angle lens. A sensor with a higher resolution, for example, to enable a high-quality digital zoom, is also missing.

On the one hand, the combination of the five lenses is intended to provide better image dynamics and contrasts. On the other hand, the Nokia 9 can capture considerably more depth planes, a Zeiss representative speaks of 1,200 instead of the usual 10.

This allows us to reset the focus point in the images after shooting and edit the blur very precisely. We can also easily manipulate the foreground in this way.

The first impression of the image quality is good, but the new Galaxy S10+ makes the better image in direct comparison. But we couldn’t test the camera of the Nokia 9 extensively yet, because it always crashed in certain modes. However, it’s noticeable that the processing takes almost ten seconds after taking the picture; until the finished image is loaded, we only get a blurred preview.

The Nokia 9 is expected to be launched in March and will cost 650 euros. Because of the Snapdragon 845, 6 GB RAM and 6 inch OLED display, this is not a bad price.

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