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System 76 will soon be upgrading its Linux notebook Oryx Pro with RTX graphics units. The display of the smaller model gets a little bigger, and Linux is pre-installed. The American manufacturer also delivers to EU countries.

From the end of February, the American notebook provider System76 will offer its Linux laptop Oryx Pro in a new version, reports the IT magazine Softpedia. The basic structure remains the same: It is a device that comes pre-installed with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or Pop!_OS 18.04 LTS. New are the built-in Nvidia-Turing graphics cards. Possible is a Geforce RTX 2060, RTX 2070 or RTX 2080.

The chassis is offered with a 17.3-inch panel and an unusual 16.1-inch display. Both screens are anti-glare and display content in full HD. An optional frame rate of 144 Hz emphasizes the focus on Linux gaming. The built-in Intel Core i7-8750 processor with six cores is undoubtedly also interesting for software developers, video editors, and graphic designers. Up to 32 GByte DDR4 RAM and up to 8 TByte storage capacity fit into the case thanks to a combination of up to two NVMe SSDs and a 2.5-inch SATA drive.

Many ports available but no management engine

The notebooks also have a wide range of ports, including two mini-display port 1.3 jacks, an SD card reader and HDMI. The 16-inch model uses two USB type C ports and three USB A ports at 3.1 Gen 2 speeds. The 17.3-inch model has a single Thunderbolt 3 port and four USB A jacks. An RJ-45 port for Gigabit Ethernet and WLAN to Wi-Fi 5 is also provided. The Intel Management Engine is disabled by default for security reasons.

System76 also delivers to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The company has not mentioned a starting price for the new versions of the Oryx Pro. The predecessor starts at around 1,600 US dollars before taxes and import duties. Interested parties can find out when the product is available on the product page.

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