StatCounter’s latest figures have been released and confirm Google Chrome’s overwhelming dominance of the browser market. In Europe and in the US, Google’s browser has attracted nearly one in two users.

Chrome blasts the competition

Google Chrome continues to grab market share and StatCounter’s latest figures confirm the overwhelming dominance of Mountain View’s browser. Before looking at the figures, StatCounter believes that Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world since 2012, but the calculation methodology was challenged by Microsoft. For NetMarketShare, Chrome waited until 2016 to bring down Internet Explorer and grab the title of king of browsers.

Worldwide, Chrome’s market share is estimated at 53.72% for all platforms combined. More than one in two users worldwide use Google’s browser to visit their favourite sites. An impressive figure that puts Chrome far ahead of Safari (14.63%) and UC Browser (8.38%).

Mobile navigation shakes the hierarchy

Even if this ranking takes into account all platforms (PC, mobile, tablet), we note that the top 3 benefits mobile browsers. A logical trend since mobile navigation is taking over from desktop navigation. Google Chrome is widely used on Android while Safari has established itself as the reference browser on iOS. Less well known in Europe even if it is already installed on some machines, UC Browser takes advantage of its popularity in Asia to climb to third place and push Firefox to the podium (6.32%).

While IE (3.92%) and Opera (3.54%) continue to exist, the navigator Edge has great difficulty convincing with a market share of 1.71% in April.

Firefox barely convincing on mobile phones

The free browser Firefox had suffered from the emergence of Chrome but continues to cling to desktop. With a market share of 14.52%, Firefox is the second most popular browser on a computer. It ranks just behind Chrome (63.48%) and ahead of IE (9.02%). Unfortunately for the Mozilla Foundation, his browser is barely mobile. Firefox has never managed to make a place among mobile browsers and is not even listed by StatCounter.

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