Palm Top Theater transforms your iPhone into your own personal 3D theater. 

Palm Top Theater interface is a playful, analog extension for your iPhone that lets you experience 3D moving images in the palm of your hand without the use of glasses or other gear. The Palm Top Theater device attaches to your iPhone, and converts the 2D display into a layered 3D view. Your iPhone becomes your own private mini-theater, connected to the catalog of Palm Top Theater content via the Palm Top Theater app. Palm Top Theater supports a wide range of applications and media formats, from videos and animations to interactive apps that use smartphone's sensor technology.

What makes Palm Top Theater special?
(1) Foldable & mobile: 

Just 105 g and 1.8 x 7.6 x 13.0 cm when folded. Fits in your pocket!

(2) Available for a reasonable price:

33 EUR worldwide (incl. tax) 

*The price is subject to change

(3) Lets you view amazing content, from videos to interactive playful games (EUR 0,00 - 1,79)

Explore the content catalog in our free browser app, available on the iTunes Store.

(4) Attaches to your iPhone:

Show your Palm Top Theater content to your friends and explore new videos and apps together.

(5) Easy to produce videos for content:

No need for expensive tools to produce Palm Top Theater videos.



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