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Bitcoin: A Beginner’s Guide

Bitcoin, altcoin, wallet, blockchain, transactions. If you are new to this market, you probably don’t understand anything or not much to these concepts. It doesn’t matter: today, I explain all the steps to go and buy Bitcoin. If you want to follow these steps as you go, prepare an email address, your identity papers, and a credit card.

How much should I invest?

The first thing to know: you don’t have to buy a “whole” Bitcoin. You will be free to choose how much you will invest. For example, my first purchase of bitcoins was 100 euros (103 including the site commission). We will assume that you want to invest the same amount.

In everyday life, the currency we use is divided into 100 cents, and we can write two digits after the decimal point. Bitcoin has eight decimal places, and the divisions are called “satoshis.” This name is derived from the pseudonym of the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, about whom very little is known.

Why buy Bitcoins?

When you buy Bitcoins, you bet on the fact that their prices will rise. It’s the same principle as with stocks, except that instead of betting on a company’s profits, you hope that Bitcoin’s demand will increase and the purchase price will rise. This way, you will receive a profit when you resell your Bitcoin.

On the same principle, it is possible to buy and sell foreign currencies (Dollar, Euro, etc.). This is called Forex (Foreign Exchange).

Be careful, as with all investments; Bitcoin carries risks: if tomorrow, the price falls, the value of your Bitcoin holdings will fall, and part of the amount you have invested will have disappeared. Don’t take any ill-considered risks, and only “bet” what you are willing to lose!

To be put into perspective: on the right, here is the Bitcoin price curve over one year. More than 800% increase.

What makes the price of Bitcoin rise?

Several factors come into play. Simply put, supply is limited, and demand is increasing.

The first reason for this demand is speculation: buying/selling with the aim of making a profit. You and I are not the only ones (far from it) who have sniffed the right plan. An increasing number of players are investing more and more money to buy Bitcoin.

In contrast, commercial services with a street address already accept payments in Bitcoin. Today, you can buy everything in Bitcoin on the Internet, from fashion to food, and the list is growing every day.

We often hear that Bitcoin will eventually collapse. This is not impossible, but it should be noted that at present, on all exchange sites, the price of all crypto assets is more often calculated on the basis of Bitcoin price than on the basis of the price of the euro or the dollar, for example. Bitcoin, therefore, serves as a standard meter in the world of cryptocurrencies and will be difficult to dethrone from this role as it is implemented everywhere.

To complete the picture, it should be noted that the supply of Bitcoin is not unlimited. There will be, in all and for all, 21 million bitcoins, and not one more. You will learn more from this Twitter account!

What is a Wallet?

To store your future Bitcoins, you will need the equivalent of a bank account, a portfolio. It’s called a wallet.

Your Wallet has a public address. Like a bank number, you can share it, since it is only used to send you money.

You will also receive an identifier, in the form “96588g8394u-bfc8-4dd2-851c-34bc10401374”. This identifier must remain secret; it is a little equivalent to your credit card code: it allows you to connect to your account and, in particular, to send money.

To start, I advise you to create an online wallet. It goes faster and technically easier. We will use an online service that will generate your Bitcoins portfolio for you. For example, I recommend Coinbase, which is rather simple to use, and which also allows you to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. If you plan to invest large sums of money, push the paranoia to the point of creating an email address specifically for cryptocurrency services, and don’t give it to anyone.

cydia app jailbreak

Cydia, what is it? How does it works?

After the recent announcement that shocked the Jailbreak scene this week from Saurik, (creator of Cydia, the application that makes the iOS operating system open source!), we wanted to introduce the Cydia App to newcomers in this Jailbreak scene!

It was in 2008, only a few months after the release of the first iOS devices, that the jailbreak occurred. Also called unlocking, this practice removes Apple’s restrictions on its iOS devices and gives it full control over all the hardware and software features they offer. To take advantage of it, however, you need a mysterious application, called Cydia! What is this application? How does the system work?

Cydia: the alter ego of Apple’s App Store for jailbroken iOS devices

Created and managed by Saurik’s company (Jay Ryan Freeman), Cydia is an unofficial application that aims to be an alternative to the Apple App Store. This latest list in the form of packages called “tweaks,” all apps not certified by Apple, and even more.

It allows, among other things, to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by unlocking devices under iOS. Users then have the option:

• Download and use new iOS applications that are not available in the official App Store;
• Add system functions to your unlocked device running under iOS.
• Cydia allows you to infinitely customize your new unlocked device beyond what is ordinarily possible on a conventional iOS device.

What is Cydia’s operating principle?

Cupertino is renowned for the security and protection it provides to your computers. For an application to be used with an iOS device, Apple must test and approve it, which makes it available on its App Store.

However, when Apple rejects the application, the author can make it available in royalty-free, online sources. These sources are linked to the Cydia application, which gives access to all available settings through its easy-to-use interface. As in the official App Store, these can be free or paid. The settings are ready to be downloaded and installed on the jailbroken device running under iOS, for the pleasure of your users.

How to get Cydia on your iOS device and enjoy its features?

Cydia is unavailable on the Apple App Store, the official website of its creator or a third party site. As mentioned above, the only way to get the application is to unlock the device under iOS. It is done by the user, thanks to dedicated apps.

Once the device is unlocked, the Cydia application appears on the springboard between the apps available on the device. Once in the user interface, you will have access to all the settings available in the different sources related to the application, and you will be able to install them by following the instructions given. Note that some settings have dependencies and therefore need other system settings to work. However, everything you need is available within the Cydia application.

More on Cydia in this video:

The beginner’s guide to hosting a site with WordPress

When you begin to do your research, you realize that there is a profusion of hosting providers and especially a multitude of offers. In short, it is not easy to find your way around when you are just starting out.

The worst part is that we find dozens of different feedbacks on any given hosting provider…

It is a bit like for Internet service providers and telephone operators. We still have this uncle’s friend who had problems with someone while that someone’s sister never had a problem.

With this article, I will try to clear the ground to help you choose the web hosting corresponding to your needs.

Before we get into all this, I want to give you a little reminder.

Which hosting offer to choose for your site?

Reading the previous section, you learned that the services offered by hosting providers offer two things:

– Storage space to place files from your site
– A database to save your content as well as your site options
– Generally, hosting offers are coupled with a domain name offer. The domain name corresponds to the address of your website.

This article is not intended to give you advice on how to choose a domain name but take one that is readable, memorable and powerful.

Another essential point before going on: do not choose a TLD or domain name with funky accents or extensions. Stick to .com,.net, etc.

What are your WordPress hosting needs?

As a content management system, WordPress needs its hosting to have specific features to function correctly.

To be more precise, hosting providers use the software on their servers and databases. WordPress needs these programs to be at some version to work. This software is:

– PHP: the language in which WordPress is written. The server must be able to read it to display your site.
– PHP recommended version: 5.4 (or higher)
– MySQL: the WordPress database language.
– Recommended version for MySQL: 5.5 (or higher)
If you notice that a web host offers these versions, it means that it is possible to install WordPress at home.

Classification of web hosting offers

Although each hosting provider has its specificities, the offers they offer can be grouped into several categories.

I do not recommend a particular offer at this time because everything depends on your project. Finally, a small associative site does not have the same needs as a blog visited by 35000 people per day.

So let’s review the different hosting offers that you can find on the internet.

Free hosting

Yes, it is possible to host your site for free, but I do not recommend you to choose such an offer.

First of all, if it is free, there is a good chance that the host will display unwanted ads on your site. Whatever the purpose of your site, displaying ads to your visitors is not very friendly and will damage your reputation more than anything else.

Even if advertisements are not displayed, free offers are generally restricted compared to paid offers. So you’ll have to invest at some point.

It is also possible that the host may communicate your data to third parties, so be careful.

old hard drives slow

Solid State Drives and Why you Should Upgrade your Old Hard Drive

The SSD or Solid State Drive is a data storage device that uses NAND flash memory. This is a non-volatile, rewritable memory that can retain data even when power is turned off.

Hard disks and SSDs: what are the differences?

new generation of hard drivesUnlike hard disks, SSDs have no moving mechanical parts, making them not only more shock-resistant but also perfectly silent. Also, this technology shortens data access time (approximately 0.1 ms) for a read/write speed of up to 600 MB/s or 4 GB/s depending on the connection interface used (SATA III or PCI Express).

The power consumption is also lower than that of a hard disk: from 0.1 W to 0.9 W in standby and up to 0.9 W in operation against 0.5 W to 1.3 W in standby and from 2 W to 4 W in operation for a hard disk. SSDs are typically installed on very thin notebooks, ultrabooks or high-end models. It is also found on hybrid computers. In the latter case, the operating system is often loaded on the SSD while the data storage passes through a conventional hard disk (for example, Fusion Drive at Apple). This configuration increases start-up performance and responsiveness.

Variable life expectancy for SSDs.

SSDs for consumer use a NAND flash memory called “MLC” or Multi-Level Cell whose cells (transistors) can store two bits. This solution offers a low production cost but the increase in storage density results in shorter cell life and degradation of write performance. Now marginal and mainly used by some professionals, SSDs use NAND “SLC” or Single Level Cell, in which the cell stores only one bit. Its production cost is higher than the NAND MLC, but it guarantees better transfer speeds and longer life.

Since 2014, so-called 3D NAND memories have appeared. This process initiated by Toshiba consists in stacking up to 32 layers of cells to increase the storage density without having to reduce the size of the engravings. Three significant manufacturers develop this type of chip: Samsung, Intel-Micron, and Toshiba. The latter even goes as far as stacking 48 layers of cells.

Besides its still high price per Gigabyte compared to a mechanical hard disk, the main objection that can be made to the SSD is that the write-erase cycle of the data on the same cell is limited. It is estimated that it is about 100,000 cycles for NAND SLC and 10,000 cycles for NAND MLC. There is also a NAND “TLC” or Triple Level Cell that can store up to three bits per cell, but its life is even shorter (about 1,000 cycles per cell). However, progress is substantial, and the number of cycles continues to increase for MLC and TLC memories. Moreover, these figures do not mean much in concrete terms since an SSD disk will not decline rapidly even if some of the cells fail. The disk will lose capacity very slowly without losing data because it will be readjusted on functional cells.

a cannabis vaporizer in action

CannaKorp, a futuristic cannabis vaporizer

Since the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in several American states, many people have been rubbing their hands. The latest company to date, CannaKorp, which intends to launch a product really like no other.

You all see how a coffee machine with Nespresso capsules works? Well, CannaKorp wants to do the same thing with its CannaCloud vaporizer, but with cannabis.

According to this website Les Meilleurs Vaporisateurs Cannabis – Comparatifs, Avis – Canna Vapos, the company claims in its official speech that this product is intended “for medical purposes.” But with the new recreational cannabis market in the United States, there is no doubt that CannaKorp plans to offer this product in states where recreational cannabis is now allowed. Regarding the marketing of CannaCloud, it would be planned for early 2017.

Cannabis is good for your health.

CannaKorp vape

CannaKorp vape

Cannabis is good for your health! Scientific studies prove this in many ways. But, let us remain humble, we do not yet know everything about the beneficial effects of cannabis.
The most popular way of using cannabis is by inhaling smoke from a joint usually made of tobacco and grass. Smoking gaskets cause the absorption of carbon dioxide due to the combustion of the material. This gas is harmful to lung health – although one study concluded that tobacco smokers should also smoke cannabis to avoid the worst. Joint smoke contains carcinogenic elements with adverse effects on the bronchi and lungs. It can clog or irritate the airways. And persisting in this mode of administration will not help the situation.

The vaporizer, the best way to smoke cannabis

A vaporizer does not produce smoke and therefore does not emit carbon dioxide. The grass placed in the vapor is free of all its moisture. The dehydration of the product creates vapor. It is this vapor that is inhaled. Vaporizing makes it possible to consume all the cannabinoids present in cannabis. But that’s not all: the chemicals are eliminated. It is not only and necessarily about those who are present in the grass – if it is not grown organically.

The air, especially in homes, is loaded with exotic particles. The smoke from a wood fire is also loaded with dioxide.

Cannabinoid combustion at an ideal temperature

herb is the healing of a nationBy smoking a joint, the psychoactive and medicinal elements of cannabis are burned at 400°C. This temperature is far too high to take advantage of the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Therapeutic needs vary depending on the patient. Also, to benefit from all the medicinal advantages of marijuana, a vaporizer is an ideal tool to choose the cannabinoid(s) necessary to the needs of the patient.

THC, CBD, and CBN do not all evaporate at the same temperature. The vaporizer is used to adjust the vaporization temperature. Thus, the cannabinoids to be used are correctly targeted.
If the ideal temperature had to be averaged, it would be between 180 and 200°C. We are very far from 400°C of the joint.

Watch this video related to the Pax 3 vape, an amazing vaporizer:


How to choose the best mini-drones

Mini drones are to be compact and to provide exceptional flight times.

While choosing a good drone might seem a like a simple task, it requires one to make good decisions. In particular, the mini-drone is simply a compact drone that can fit in the palm of your hands. These types of drones are ideal for weaving into small spaces and for enjoying drone flying experiences.

Consider the following features before choosing a mini-drone for your needs

Flight capabilities

The drone should have excellent flight features. It might include the one key return feature for convenience. In particular, this comprises of an in-building positioning system that helps the drone to locate its controller automatically. It should allow you to press one key return button, and the drone flies back to its original location. Besides that, the inclusion of 360-degree rollover is also essential.

The innovative 3D rolling special effects should be ideal for your unique flight experiences. Another unique flight feature includes the compass mode, which lets the drone change direction in relation to the direction of the controller.

Durability and operating range

fiasbforbofborbcebcrbrPerhaps one of the main features of a good mini-drone is that it should be durable. The drone should be able to withstand any high impact forces such as bumping into walls. Since the mini-drones are particularly small, they should provide long-lasting performance benefits. In particular, most top drones should comprise of durable plastic material. This is because plastic is both durable and compact, which suits the flight of the drone. More so, a good mini-drone also provides a good operating range level. In most cases, the operating range often averages at 100ft or 30meters.

Flight time and battery capabilities

Besides that, the flight time and battery capabilities of the mini-drone are also very important. For instance, the flight time of a good drone should average in between 7 to 20 minutes. More so, the battery should also be powerful to last for several applications and it should provide a relatively small amount of charging time. Most high-end drones are equipped with lithium-ion batteries that are also simple to replace. The controller should also be ergonomic to make it comfortable on your hands. It should also be equipped with functionalities that are simple to identify.

Other important features

Colorful LEDs- a good drone might also come with colorful LEDs that make it simple to identify and to also improve the flight appeal
Brand- similar to choosing any type of product, there are various top mini-drone brands. They include RC Town, Holy Stone, DROCON and more
Customer ratings- one can also check the overall customer ratings and reviews that the min drone has received.
6 axis gyro- this feature makes it simple to flip the flight of the drone with just the simple touch of a button

Wrapping it up

In summary, choosing the best mini-drones requires some level of informed decision making. Similar to the conventional drones, the mini-drones have some key features that one should consider. In this way, you can choose a drone with practical features for an exciting flight experience each time.


Google Chrome Browser: An incredible Worldwide Success

StatCounter’s latest figures have been released and confirm Google Chrome’s overwhelming dominance of the browser market. In Europe and in the US, Google’s browser has attracted nearly one in two users.

Chrome blasts the competition

Google Chrome continues to grab market share and StatCounter’s latest figures confirm the overwhelming dominance of Mountain View’s browser. Before looking at the figures, StatCounter believes that Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world since 2012, but the calculation methodology was challenged by Microsoft. For NetMarketShare, Chrome waited until 2016 to bring down Internet Explorer and grab the title of king of browsers.

Worldwide, Chrome’s market share is estimated at 53.72% for all platforms combined. More than one in two users worldwide use Google’s browser to visit their favourite sites. An impressive figure that puts Chrome far ahead of Safari (14.63%) and UC Browser (8.38%).

Mobile navigation shakes the hierarchy

Even if this ranking takes into account all platforms (PC, mobile, tablet), we note that the top 3 benefits mobile browsers. A logical trend since mobile navigation is taking over from desktop navigation. Google Chrome is widely used on Android while Safari has established itself as the reference browser on iOS. Less well known in Europe even if it is already installed on some machines, UC Browser takes advantage of its popularity in Asia to climb to third place and push Firefox to the podium (6.32%).

While IE (3.92%) and Opera (3.54%) continue to exist, the navigator Edge has great difficulty convincing with a market share of 1.71% in April.

Firefox barely convincing on mobile phones

The free browser Firefox had suffered from the emergence of Chrome but continues to cling to desktop. With a market share of 14.52%, Firefox is the second most popular browser on a computer. It ranks just behind Chrome (63.48%) and ahead of IE (9.02%). Unfortunately for the Mozilla Foundation, his browser is barely mobile. Firefox has never managed to make a place among mobile browsers and is not even listed by StatCounter.


Giant Leaps Taken by Microsoft with Xbox One X…Is it Worth the Price?

2017 saw the long-awaited release of Microsoft’s Xbox One X, and we’ve been diligently testing it out for this review.

Here’s what we loved: The graphics are insane. So impressive; these 4K visuals hit every mark and it made the gameplay even better. We also loved that this gaming machine made essentially no sound. There was no whirring and clicking as it turned on or shut down. No one likes to game when it sounds like your console is having a stroke. Oh, and the One X has a Blu-ray player which is the cherry on top.

What we didn’t love: The price. Maybe because it hasn’t been on the market all that long the price is still relatively exaggerated. However, it’ll likely go down in the following years.  The other thing we were actually shocked to discover was that the hard drive was only 1TB. Most games are over 100GB, so you’ll need an external hard drive.

Overall, the Xbox One X was fun to test out and we highly enjoyed playing on this console. Is it the best on the market? We don’t think so.

5 Best Apps You Can Get Right Now

2018 seems like it’s going to be the year of amazing apps, for both Apple and Android systems. From ridiculous games, picture filters, and all-around helpful apps, the amount of applications out there for you to choose from is immense. Through lots of trial and error, we’ve compiled a list of the coolest and most useful apps on the market right now to help you choose.

  1. Firefox Focus- It has the same searching power as the original Firefox, but with some really cool new features. For one, it doesn’t track your browsing history. There’s no need for “incognito” mode anymore because it simply won’t track anything you search. Then, it removes the ads from most web pages so that they load faster. It even manages to get around article limits and paywalls, so you can read as much as you want from each outlet. Plus, the design is super sleek and modern in appearance. Functionality plus aesthetic equals a great app in our book!
  2. Fitbit- You don’t need a separate attachment in the form of a watch to use Fitbit and enjoy its benefits. If you have an updated Smartphone, you’re good to go! Start tracking your activity, your sleep, and recording your diet. It’s the most precise and accurate fitness tracker on the market right now, helping millions to get healthy. Plus, it’s free.
  3. Bandcamp- The app version for this music promotion company is the leading music streaming service for people who want to know the next big act before anyone else. Bandcamp allows you to explore and stream music from unsigned, indie artists and bands, as well as popular mainstream music. It’s a place to listen to the songs you already know and love, as well as up and comers that might not show up in your other streaming service search engines. You can support them by streaming their songs and purchasing their merchandise (also through the app).
  4. Stitcher- If you’re a podcast listener, then you have probably already heard of Stitcher. It’s your one-stop shop for almost every podcast on the market. It’s completely free, and the selection is huge. The categories range from True Crime and Horror, Business, Politics, Comedy, and many more. There is something for everyone. They recently updated the appearance to be much more user-friendly and appealing to look at.
  5. Doodle- The answer to every work team that has ever been unable to agree on a date for a meeting. Doodle is a helpful scheduling app that allows you to input your schedule, as well as times you are free. The team leader can look at everyone’s schedules and choose an appropriate date and time. It’s proven to be incredibly user-friendly and easy to understand.

Finding apps that will entertain and help you succeed in life can be a challenge with all the options out there. We hope that our list can shed some light on apps you are missing and desperately need. Did we miss an app that deserves to be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

10 Must-Watch Shows on Netflix Right Now

Doesn’t it seem like Netflix keeps getting better and better every year? It’s amazing to think that it started as a movie-mail delivery service, and now it’s in almost every household that enjoys tv and movies! We love Netflix and wanted to share the top 10 must-watch shows of 2018:

  1. Arrested Development- Thank Netflix for keeping this epic comedy alive and thriving. It’s the perfect show to watch for a light laugh, and then re-watch later to laugh at all the new jokes you didn’t catch the first time.
  2. Black Mirror- Season 4 is out and it exceeded all the expectations, mostly because you never know what to expect with Black Mirror! Intelligently written, captivating, and disturbed. Plus it still centers on the technology theme which always keeps us coming back.
  3. Glow- From the creator of Orange is the New Black, Glow follows suit with witty, quick, and intelligent writing. Plus, it’s about a female wrestler in the ‘80s who wants to be famous, say no more.
  4. Stranger Things- Season 2 doesn’t come out until this fall, so now is the perfect time to hop on the bandwagon and catch up on season 1! Creepy, fun, and enchanting are the only words to describe this must-watch show.
  5. The People v. O.J. Simpson- This story took the world by storm on the 90s, and now a new generation can relive that anxiety/entertainment through Netflix. It’s from the same people who made American Horror Story, so you know it’s going to be intense.
  6. The Toys That Made Us- If you’re looking for a fascinating non-fiction to binge on a Sunday afternoon, this is it. Learn all about the history (and controversy) of your favorite childhood toys. The Barbie and G.I Joe episode was especially interesting.
  7. Jane the Virgin- An easy crowd-pleaser, Jane the Virgin is the perfect show for solid light-hearted laughs and heart-warming feels. You may not care enough to re-watch it, but the first time is more than enough.
  8. Big Mouth- There has never been a funnier cartoon on Netflix than Big Mouth. It’s all about a boy in the midst of puberty and the adventures that ensue. It’s a little awkward, to say the least.
  9. Riverdale- Season 2 is going strong and is loaded with suspense. While you could also call it a fluffy teenage show, we believe this show is excellent for comic-lovers and mockers It strays from the original Archie comics but includes lots of murder, mystery, and attractive people.
  10. Parenthood- If you’re looking for heart-warming family moments in addition to gut-wrenching drama, then Parenthood is for you. The first season gave you a chance to fall in love (and hate) with different characters, this season the drama picks up.

Netflix pulled out all the stops this year with enough killer shows to take you well into 2019. Did we miss any shows you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

Do you need Alexa?

With Amazon’s release of the second-generation of Echo, more and more households are being confronted with the age-old question: to buy or not to buy? It’s a simple question, long answer.

The hundreds of thousands of reviews of the Alexa and Echo system are mostly good, somewhat bad. For families that want to spend less time picking up their Smartphone for every simple task (like turning on music and seeing how long it’ll take to drive to a destination), Alexa has been incredibly useful. The possibilities of what she’ll be able to do in the future seem endless. However, there were thousands of reviews from people who didn’t find the setup of Alexa user-friendly, and it seems some models had glitches that caused Alexa to start talking without being given a command. Creepy.

If you’re considering jumping on the Alexa-bandwagon, we think it’s a really cool gadget that does a lot of really cool things. However, as newer models and editions come out over the years, you will spend a pretty penny to keep updating yours. If you’re okay with that, then take the plunge and buy an Alexa.